Technoline’s staff are trained to offer solutions and assist neurologists to offer therapies that make a difference. Diagnosis and treatment are facilitated through our support for neuroelectrophysiology systems and in the implant of systems delivering therapy such as Deep Brain Stimulation and Spinal Cord Stimulation.

Pain Management

Technoline has introduced and facilitated several techniques in this field. These range from PENS to SCS and to Implantable Intrathecal Infusion Pumps.

Rehabilitation & Nursing Care

With staff specifically trained to offer solutions for rehabilitative care, Techonline offers a complete solution with regard to mobility and seating, as well as in the areas of Daily Living Aids. The use of the latest technologies will assist both the short term and long term rehabilitation of patients after surgery, trauma and in cases where degenerative disease or conditions need addressing.


With the awareness of sleep disorders on the increase, we have sought to increase our capability of offering solutions in this area. These range from sleep apnoea screening devices to complete sleep study suites. Our staff are trained to assist in the setting up of nocturnal respiratory assisting devices, as well as in the provision of other surgical solutions in this field.


Technoline offers an extensive range of products and services associated with the treatment of cataracts, as well as other surgical therapies for various ophthalmic conditions. Refractive Laser Surgery is a treatment modality that we have helped introduce to Malta, amongst many others.


Technoline is particularly strong in the field of diabetes with the ability to advise on long term, continuous glucose monitoring. This service is offered in conjunction with your therapist and allows for the careful analysis of trends across time, thereby allowing for optimal therapy.