Technoline Ltd has already recruited a team of professionals to enhance its already existing capacity and will continue to bolster its capacity in the near future.

Technoline Ltd will through its specifically set-up VGH Business Unit, negotiate and interface with all vendors both local and international to achieve the best possible supply chain for the hospital group.

The contract provides for the management of all processes within the Supply Chain, including consultancy, pre-purchase stakeholder engagement, purchasing and asset life-cycle management including in-house maintenance and servicing.

The agreement will see the integration of VGH and Technoline Ltd in a synergy aimed at introducing the best possible technology solutions and platforms in VGH’s mission to achieve value based healthcare across all of its present and future healthcare operations. The agreement will seek to assist in making quality healthcare accessible to all patient segments wherever VGH is present.

VGH and Technoline Ltd are proud to announce that they have signed an exclusive contract whereby Technoline Ltd will manage the Supply Chain processes of all VGH life-sciences entities in all geographies internationally.