Technoline’s business model is not based simply on selling products and maintaining them, but primarily on offering solutions.

What distinguishes Technoline's business in Malta goes beyond any track record or brand. With almost 40 years in the Lifesciences industry, the Company has amassed a wealth of experience, highly knowledgeable staff to guide and advise and a solid operational and financial base.

Technoline's services cater for all types of medical and laboratory equipment or devices. Clients include hospitals and medical facilities as well as clinical and industrial laboratory operations. Several of these clients include voluntary organizations and NGOs, pharmaceutical manufacturing or quality control facilities as well as leading research and educational institutions. Clients who avail themselves of Company facilities may take post-sale services for granted as Technoline provides a full service including product selection, any related logistics, installation or commissioning as well as post-sale warranty, preventive or corrective maintenance services. For those clients who require traceable ISO equivalent IQ/OQ validation services, Technoline offers custom-designed maintenance service contracts even for the most demanding of clients.

Why Technoline?

Its all about people and vision...

Technoline’s human resources are experts in their respective fields and are thoroughly experienced; they are trained to offer clients advice on the choice of solutions, hardware and support - all done from the client’s standpoint.

This client-centric approach adds value to the relationship, value that translates to both cost saving and return on investment for all clients.

Technoline delivers innovative solutions, as is the case with information systems.

Technoline’s solution is one that sees the inclusion of lab info systems, back-ups, archiving and reporting under one umbrella. This unified approach, when outsourced to Technoline, allows clients to work more efficiently, by relieving them from wasting too much of their quality time on systems management.

This strategic approach relies on the technical support department, manned by ten fully trained and experienced technicians. In fact, when embarking on a new project, Technoline is in a unique position to deliver the right solutions, in a more cost effective way.

The IT and technical departments work to analyse our clients’ needs, together with the latest technological developments, to provide holistic, customised solutions.

The diagram above, illustrates how Technoline takes the headache out of it's clients' day by taking over the technological aspect of maintenance, lab information systems, backups, archiving and reporting, all under one info management solution. Technoline takes stock of a client’s situation and by integrating all systems under one umbrella, efficiency and peace of mind is achieved.

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