Incontinence is a major problem for healthcare systems worldwide. Roughly half of all institutionalized elderly patients suffer from incontinence; urinary, faecal or both. The results are all too familiar to care professionals everywhere: skin irritation, reddening, inflammation, infections and excoriations, all symptoms of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD).

The high correlation between IAD and pressure ulcers makes effective incontinence management a top priority in all care environments.

Aldanex™ has been specifically designed for the daily skin care of incontinent patients. Therefore, it represents a welcome contribution to the cost-effective prevention and treatment of moisture lesions, pressure ulcers up to category 2 and intertrigo.


Aldanex is indicated for the care of intact or injured skin associated with incontinence of urine, stool or both (IAD). It is also very effective for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to category 2 and intertrigo. Aldanex helps moisturize the body and protect severely dry skin. Other indications include partial thickness wounds, maceration of peri-wound skin and maceration/friction around drains, tubes, supra-pubic catheters, tracheostomy and nasal cannula sites.

Aldanex™ is available in leading pharmacies in tubes of 85 grams.


Instructions for Aldanex use