KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads help protect the skin in at-risk patients as part of a pressure ulcer prevention programme.

KerraPro shaped pads are made from silicone, which is flexible, hardwearing and has the ability to redistribute pressure to protect the skin on bony prominences such as the heel or sacrum. These pads are comfortable, yet hardwearing, shown to withstand autoclave temperatures of 121°C without losing their properties. However, we simply recommend that you wash KerraPro with soap and water – enabling them to be re-used on the same patient and helping to reduce the cost of pressure ulcer prevention even further.

A common problem:

A pressure ulcer can occur at the point where the skin is in constant contact with a surface (such as a patient’s bed or chair), or with another part of the body (for example where the knees or ankles rest together). The high pressure that builds up can disrupt the flow of blood and oxygen, causing the skin to break down.

An easy & effective solution:

KerraPro effectively redistributes this pressure, dissipating it over the pad to protect the skin from pressure ulcers.

KerraPro is available at the pharmacy of your choice’