Technoline offers a full maintenance service on anything supplied. More so, we also offer preventive and corrective maintenance.

In the case of a large installed base of equipment, we offer customised maintenance contracts that are designed to fit our client's set requirements, covering testing and calibration controls, preventive maintenance, checks, IQ/OQ validation, applications and users training – all conveniently packaged and comprehensively priced.


Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Actions

At Technoline we believe prevention is better than cure, and this also applies to equipment.

Technoline's Malta based technical staff can inspect your equipment and ensure your operations and overall business is least effected and more secure in the long run, saving our clients downtime and return on their investments.

We believe that the whole product lifecycle should be addressed by our solutions and not just the sales component. We accordingly ensure that we have manufacturer-trained and authorised service personnel for all products sold.

Most of our Customers decide to purchase Extended Warranty Agreements with us however we also offer ‘one off’ technical services if and as required. We maintain a large inventory of spare parts and accessories suitable for preventive maintenance as well.

Our service personnel will arrange their preventive maintenance visits when it least disturbs the customer’s established routines.


Calibration and Validation

Technoline's Technical department has the experience, training, qualifications and latest test equipment to enable it to provide professional calibration equipment for industrial, scientific or medical applications.

Technoline has a precision standard weights service for the calibration of precision weighing equipment traceable & certified to ISO 9000 standard.

In industries where a minute variation in weight can be financially disastrous or even hazardous, the need for trustworthy, certified validation is imperative. Technoline offers an IQ/OQ validation service to leading specialist industry sectors with their own R&D and QC laboratories.


Special Repair Services

Technoline has a fully equipped flexible endoscope repair workshop at its premises in Gzira.The Company continues to be the sole service provider in Malta for these specialist repair services and caters for minor, intermediate and even major endoscope faults.