1. Technoline Ltd is a member of EMDDA

Founded in 1993, EMDDA, based in Padova, Italy, consists of a group of European Medical Device Distributors who united to benefit from each others' strengths and to share information about the European Medical Device market. Members and independent distributors have combined forces in EMDDA to offer a professional European network for the distribution of medical devices in different medical disciplines.


2. Technoline Ltd is a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

Bringing together the vast majority of business sectors in Malta, The Malta Chamber of Commerce vigorously works to influence the formation of policy at national and European level and towards the development of an enterprise culture, the creation of favourable economic conditions to the advantage of Members, and the interests of the wider community.

> Awards:

Technoline Ltd Malta received "Best Professional Distributor" and "Best Country Performance" Awards by Medtronic. Medtronic Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (US), is the world's largest medical technology manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company.