Infection Control

Infection control normally addresses factors related to the spread of infections within the healthcare setting, whether among patients, from patients to staff, from staff to patients, or among staff. A clean hospital is critical to preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs) because they are a constant threat to the wellbeing of patients, but with good infection control and precautions, the risk of outbreaks can be mitigated.

However, in such times of a global pandemic, infection control has become the ever more important due to global concerns of health and safety in all sectors of common society such as the Hospitality Industry, Educational Sector, Elderly Care, Public Transport and others. This has prompted a greater awareness and need for more efficient and thorough hygiene practices such as hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting as well as other crucial aspects such as surveillance, monitoring and investigating and managing possible infection outbreaks.

In recent times, Technoline, has partnered with reputable sources in the field of infection control to offer expertise and solutions to improve hygiene practices through ATP Cleaning Verification Systems, which is one of the leading methods recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for monitoring and improving cleanliness because they provide an objective measurement of surface cleanliness. Furthermore, we are also supporting the fight against spread of infection through antimicrobial surface systems that provide a hygienic environment free of viruses and bacteria over a sustained period of time.