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Over the past 40 years, Technoline has established itself as a leading player in the local Medical and Scientific sectors.

Who are we?

Our organization brings together a dynamic, highly experienced and motivated team of professionals who share our corporate values in offering an unparalleled level of service to our customers, suppliers and business partners.

About us

Established in 1978, Technoline is a forward-looking organization which has always sought to reinvent itself to retain its strong market position in the ever-evolving medical and scientific fields.

Industry Sectors

Technoline offers local and international Clients a quality service that encompasses every aspect of its operations. Each Division is manned by a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained personnel specialised in the fields.

Medical & Scientific Industry Sectors

The service we offer does not stop with our wide range of products. The staff at Technoline are trained to assist clients and suggest solutions that make a difference. In providing assistance along with products we strive to meet your needs for a longer, healthier and happier life.


Technoline Timeline


• Medical Technology Services Ltd incorporated.
• Initial operations focused on installation and maintenance contracts in North    Africa for Coultronics and Philips.
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MTS Ltd branches into Sales Activities

•The Company added medical and scientific sales activities to its portfolio.
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MTS Ltd to Technoline Ltd

• The Company changed its name to Technoline Ltd, which better reflected the   company’s broader range of activities.
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Technoline Offices moved to Gzira

• Moved to larger and more convenient premises in Gzira.
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Various installations at St. Lukes Hospital

• Installed the first of the next generation anaesthesia machines at St. Lukes   Hospital
• Supplied the next generation Various ICU ventilators at St. Lukes    Hospital
• Installed the first neurodiagnostics suite in Malta
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• Introduced the first implantable cardiac defibrillators in Malta, earning the         company the Medtronic award for introducing cutting edge technology.
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Bone Densitometry Units

• Installed these invaluable devices in Mater Dei Hospital, Malta and in Private     Radiology Clinics
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Cataract Surgery Unit

• Installed Cataract/ Vitro-retinal Surgery Unit at St James Hospital
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Industrial Laboratories

• Installation of Quality Control Laboratory, In-Process and Industrial                 laboratories.
• Weighing Systems at Combino Pharm (Malta) Ltd.
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Suites

• Installation of state-of-the-art Multiplace and Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen   Suites at Mater Dei Hospital and Gozo General Hospital, respectively.
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Various Suites Installations

• Installed a complete Endoscopy suite at St. Luke’s Hospital
• Installed a Neurodiagnostics Suite at St Luke’s Hospital
• Cathlab suite and Cardiac Assists Units installed at Mater Dei Hospital
• Installed over 36,000 3rd Party Items at Mater Dei Hospital
• Quality control and viticulture laboratories installed at Ghammieri Government   Farm Lab
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Linear Accelerators

• Installed the first of three new Linear Accelerators within the National       Oncology Center.
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Deep Brain Stimulation System surgeries

• First Deep Brain Stimulation System surgeries at Mater Dei Hospital
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New Ambulances & Scientific Equipment

• Supply of 11 new ambulances to the A&E Department at Mater Dei Hospital
• Supply all laboratory and scientific equipment for the brand new MCAST           Applied Sciences Labs
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Spinal Cord Stimulation & Installations of Analysers

• First Spinal Cord Stimulation System procedures along with other Pain               Management therapies introduced at Mater Dei Hospital.

Installation, commissioning and supply of
• Immunoassay analysers and kits at Mater Dei Hospital
• Coagulation analysers and kits at Mater Dei Hospital
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Main supplier and full support for all Total Knee Surgeries

• Carried out in Malta accounting for more than 3,500 successful surgeries
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Medical Equipment and Instruments

• Supplied and installed all medical equipment and furniture at the new 80-bed     Medical Assessment Unit extension at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta.
• 3-Year Contract to supply all spine surgery implants at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta.

Installation, commissioning and supply of
• Instruments and kits for Thyroid Neonatal Screening at Mater Dei Hospital,         Malta.
• POCT Blood Gas Analysers at Gozo General Hospital.
• Instruments and Kits for Autoimmune Disease testing at Mater Dei Hospital,         Malta.
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Supply, Installation and Commissioning

• of Instruments and kits for Allergy testing at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta
• of Clinical Chemistry analysers and kits for Toxicology at Mater Dei Hospital,      Malta
• of Clinical Laboratory at Gozo General Hospital
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Various Installations in Laboratories

• Pharmadox Healthcare Expansion Project that included the installation of new HPLCS, dissolution testers, glassware washers, and various other equipment
• Supply & Installation of all centrifuges in the Pathology Laboratories at Mater   Hospital, Malta
• Fossomatic Installation at Malta Dairy Products, for the analysis of cellular       content in dairy products
• DS2500 NIR for the analysis of nutritional components in grains and feeds for  dairy

Supply, Installation & Commissioning of
• an ELISA System for Antibiotic testing at he National Veterinary Laboratory
• an Auto Stainer at HSE Laboratories for the testing of PD-L1 to detect non-       small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
• a Shimadzu LCMS8050 for use in monitoring of drugs of abuse as well as       immunosuppressant drug levels in patients at the Toxicology Lab, Mater Dei Hospital
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A Year of Different Projects at various Clients

• New ICG Laparoscopic Towers installed at the Endoscopy Unit, Mater Dei Hospital.
• Supply of Manual & Electronic Micropipettes and Consumables for all Pathology Laboratories at Mater Dei Hospital.
• Supply, delivery and commissioning of all medical equipment and furniture at the new Health Centre Hub in Kirkop.
• Supply & installation of a UHPLC for Neonatal screening at the Paediatric           Laboratory at Mater Dei Hospital.
• Design and installation of full ATEX approved laboratory furniture at the University of Malta.
• Supply & installation of Carl Zeiss Metallurgical Microscopes for various research departments at the University of Malta.

Supply, Installation & Commissioning of
• instruments and kits for Plasma Protein testing at Mater Dei Hospital.
• ACT analysers and test kits for POC testing at Mater Dei Hospital.
• various laboratory equipment at Misom Labs.
• Ion Chromatography System at Aurobindo.
• a Shimadzu UHPLC with Preparatory functions for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malta.
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Supply and Installations of Various Equipment

• Introduction of new revolutionary intelligent technology for the rehabilitation of the elderly and sports enthusiasts.
• Pharmadox Healthcare 2nd expansion project that included new HPLCs,             dissolution testers, glassware washers, and various other equipment.

Supply, delivery and installations of :
• Medical equipment at the Mortuary Dept, Mater Dei Hospital.
• Thermal Body Temperature Scanning cameras at Malta International Airport.
• a Thromboelastometric Analyser and consumables for the Cardiac Surgery, Department at Mater Dei Hospital.
• Flow-Through cell dissolution tester, disintegration tester and glassware washers at Siegfried Malta.
• Mass comparators for new calibration laboratory at Inspectra.
• ATP Cleaning Verification System at Malta International Airport.
• FTIR with LabSolutions software at Baxter.
• Autoclave and incubators at National Veterinary Laboratory.
• Mapping of stability chambers at Pharmadox.
• Disintegration tester and Qdoc software at Teva.
• HPLCs and gas generators at Pharmadox.
• HPLCs at Aurobindo.
• Plasma Freezers at National Blood Transfusion Centre.
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• First Robotic Assisted Surgery System.
• Transforma Point-of-Care Cardiac Laboratory.
• Transforma main suppliers for medical and testing equipment.

Supply, delivery and commissioning of:
  • medical equipment at a new medical clinic within CCF (Correctional Care Facility), Paola.
 • new Ophtalmic Lasers at Ophtalmology Dept, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta.
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• Fully automated IHC solution for Companion Diagnostic testing and test kits at IHC Lab, MDH
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• Fully automated IHC solution for routine IHC Diagnostic testing and test kits at the IHC Lab, MDH
• Fully automated comprehensive drug testing solution and test kits for Toxicology at Toxicology Lab, MDH
• Tissue Processor and Embedding station for Histology at HSE Laboratory Services Ltd.
• Tissue Processor, Embedding Station and Water Purification Systems for clinical laboratory at Medical Laboratory Services Ltd., St. James Hospital
• Installation and commissioning of 12 Slide Printers and 5 Cassette Printers as part of the Digital Pathology Project at MDH
• Installation and commissioning of scales and balances at Combino Pharm Ltd.
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Excellent Aftersales Service

Technoline supports its customers with assertive and responsive approach to meet up with the ever-increasing demands. This is ensured by a nation-wide trusted servicing department within the functional Technoline organisation.

To bring about our commitment to excellence, we offer you Maintenance and Servicing plans as offered by our suppliers as well as tailor-made requisites. Our pride within this facility guarantees your equipment will keep up and running, minimising costly downtime thanks to specialised and trained servicing personnel.


With over 40 years’ experience in dealing with sophisticated medical, scientific and industrial equipment, Technoline has developed a deep understanding of the equipment it supplies enabling it to provide a strong added value to its customers. Having been entrusted with Malta’s largest installation projects, Technoline is well acquainted with transportation, logistics, site preparation and detailed installation processes in scientific, technical, or medical environments.



In industries where a seemingly insignificant discrepancy in the production process can be financially disastrous or even hazardous, the need for trustworthy, certified validation is critical.

Preventive Maintenance

Keeping all medical equipment on a routine Preventive Maintenance program guarantees that the user and medical facility is protected from any liability, whilst ensuring the patients’ safety.

Testing & Calibrations

Testing and Calibration of medical equipment is crucial to ensure that devices are accurate when used on patients. Regular Testing and Calibration therefore minimizes the risks associated with the use of the particular medical device.

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