Quality Policy

Quality Policy ISO 13485 

 The Quality Policy is communicated, owned, and understood by all personnel through induction sessions organised upon employee engagement, continuous improvements through communicated updates and periodic training. Such policy is evidenced as endorsed by the CEO in prominent areas of the offices and the warehouse.  

 At Technoline, we nurture Quality Principles and Values, as WE:  

          • View each interaction from our customer’s perspective

          • Value our customer’s opinion of our service, experience, brand, and products

          • Understand that our customers will NOT receive good customer service if our employees are overworked, stressed out and underappreciated. Employee happiness and customer                  happiness are the foundations of a profitable business 

          • Empower employees to make decisions as opposed to merely applying a policy 

          • Measure and improve our service culture 

          • Regularly reward and recognise employees to mitigate the work-related stress that is commonly associated with customer service 

          • Focus on service excellence 

 To sustain the above Quality principles and values we commit ourselves to continuously improve our Quality management system in line with the ISO 13485 requirements and beyond. The quality policy is approved by the CEO and reviewed for suitability on a yearly basis during the Management Review Meetings.