“Laerdal was established as a children’s book publishing and toy company in 1940 with the mission of “creating children’s joy”. During the next years, 100 million of Laerdal’s Tomte cars were sold in 100 countries. Laerdal’s Anne dolls become popular throughout Europe.
Laerdal’s pioneering work with soft plastics would later be used to produce the first manikin used for resuscitation training, changing the course of the company. The need for a lifelike manikin to train the new concept of mouth-to-mouth ventilation led Asmund S. Laerdal together with Dr. Bjorn Lind and Dr Peter Safar, to develop Resusci Anne in 1960.
Today, more than 300 million people have been rained in CPR- most of them using Resusci Anne. It is estimated that at least 2 million lives have been saved and counting. Today Laerdal is an International company with more than 1400 employees worldwide with 400 employees working at the head office in Norway.
Laerdal is dedicated to our mission of Helping Save Lives through the advancement of resuscitation, patient care, and global health initiatives. Laerdal products and programs are used by voluntary organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, the military around the world.
For more than 75 years, the Laerdal family has been committed to long term development of the company. This has allowed Laerdal to stay true to its vision and mission and now into the future.”

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