Business Development within Technoline & Healthcare

The world has gone through moments in time where technological advancements, global catastrophes, political strife, or conflict, proved to be status quo disruptors, diverting priorities into the unknown or new realities. 2020 will be remembered as such a disruptor year event, doing away with previously perceived outlooks onto uncharted waters. This tangent change in direction opens new opportunities, emerging from humanity’s harsh wakeup call that came to be known as COVID-19.

It is therefore understandable that business development in health sector will be a challenge, not only on identifying a need to be addressed but to work towards trends that will shape this important service for decades to come. Healthcare spending, coming gradually out of the clutches of this pandemic, will have to do more with possibly less, even though global healthcare GDP share financing is expected to remain at an average of 10% globally.

The four main pillars that healthcare business development needs to address are as well described by Deloitte’s Insight into Global Healthcare Outlook – financial sustainability, strategic capabilities, digital transformation, and retention of skilled healthcare workforce.

Technoline’s Business Development section is fully focused, both short and long term, on these four salient driving trends that will make up our healthcare’s fabric well into the new norm. 

Written by: Simon Borg - Business Development Manager at Technoline Ltd.