Social Corporate Responsibility.

Technoline Ltd understands that continuing education is a necessary and undeniably important process for all our employees. Our Employees represent the basis for our success in our markets and as such every advance in their knowledge base is a step further towards the fulfilment of our mission statement and vision.

“To be of service to our customers involved in medicine and science through the provision of innovative and practical solutions, backed by continuously updated expertise and dependable follow-up support. Technoline endeavours to become the obvious choice for its clients by adding value in all that it does, thereby exceeding their expectations.”

We consider adding value to our customers as part of our corporate social responsibility. Better service from Technoline will translate into better patient therapy outcomes and therefore an improved and healthier society. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that our employees keep their knowledge base always updated and relevant.

We therefore embrace opportunities for our employees to always extend their knowledge and skill base. We encourage our employees to take up university courses and learning experiences wherever they may be found. There is nothing that we appreciate more than a colleague who has graduated after reading for a degree. Our support in these activities is unceasing.

Most of our employees are university graduates with Bachelors , Masters and even PhDs . Industry specific qualifications are of course even more common. At any one time we have several employees reading for their degrees. They are supported through time off and in instances where they have asked, by having their university fees paid by the company.

We believe that our Company like our Nation must improve the intellectual capital of those who we are responsible for.

We have 9 employees who have been awarded a Diploma

We have 14 employees who have been awarded a bachelor’s degree

We employ 4 members of staff with a master’s degree

We have 1 employee with a PhD.